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March 20 Oleh Osukhovskyi: Next week an extraordinary session may take place - we can't drag out this government to go

Next week an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada may take place, on which the government's resignation will be considered. This was stated by the MP of "Svoboda" Oleh Osukhovskyi in the ether of "NewsOne" channel on March 18, 2016.

March 4 Oleh Osukhovskyi: How can we demand sanctions from Europe if our government is lobbying russian business?

There is nothing surpising in the fact that European business representatives are dissatisfied with the sanctions against Russia because the government in Ukraine supports the business of the aggressor state. This was stated by the MP of "Svoboda", the member of the Anti-Corruption Committee Oleh Osukhovskyi on the air of "NewsOne" TV channel on March 3, 2016.

March 1 Activists of "Svoboda" from Konotop block russian trucks on the road segment "Kyiv - Moscow" near Baturyn

February 28, 2016 activists of "Svoboda" from the city organization of Konotop together with members of the Sumy regional council from "Svoboda" began a blockade of russian trucks on the highway "Kyiv-Moscow" near Baturyn.

March 1 Activists of "Svoboda" from Rivne renewed the blockade of Russian trucks

February 27, 2016 activists of the Rivne regional organization of "Svoboda" renewed the blockade of the transit of russian trucks using the regional roads.

February 24 Oleh Pankevych: Renewal of the transit of russian transport through the territory of Ukraine is a high treason of national interests

Renewal of the transit of russian transport through the territory of Ukraine is not just a corruption conspiracy but is a high treason by the government. This was said by the alternate of the Head of "Svoboda", authorized speaker of a nationalistic faction in Lviv regional council Oleh Pankevych, commenting on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the restoration of russian cargo transit through the territory of Ukraine.

February 18 Only new parliamentary elections can stop the revenge of oligarchs

The failure of the voting for resignation of Yatsenyuk government demonstrates the full revenge of oligarchs in Ukraine. Obviously, the degraded parliamentary coalition will not lead the country out of a deep political crisis. This is evidenced by the failure, but in reality - by absolute unwillingness of Coalition fractions to ensure the 100 % - voting for resignation of the government.

February 16 Svoboda" is conducting a nationwide campaign, which is called "Prime Minister must resign!"

Svoboda" is conducting a nationwide campaign, which is called "Prime Minister must be on the mat!". On February 16, 2016, activists of "Svoboda" picket regional state administrations demanding the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk in all regional centers of Ukraine. In the capital, thousands of activists picket the parliament with the purpose of the government's resignation. Participants held the signs: "There is a war conducted with Ukrainians in the whole country: one enemy is in Moscow and the second one is in the Cabinet of Ministers!", "While the country is at war - the government robs our people!", "Yatsenyuk, don't conceal your looting with the help of the war", "The government of Yatsenyuk-Avakov, go away!".

January 11 Oleh Tiahnybok: The deputies of "Svoboda" have to be an example of discipline and ideology

The Head of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok believes that the deputies of local councils elected in local elections in October 2015 have a mission to build the inner core of party organization. The basis for this should be the ideology, inner-party discipline and the activity of the deputies directed to defend the interests of local communities.

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