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April 15 Svoboda: Today's main task is to maintain the territorial integrity of Ukraine

Svoboda urged Ukraine's security agencies to demonstrate immediate and decisive actions aimed at neutralizing terrorists that seized administrative offices in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. All saboteurs, insurgents and terrorists must be punished, and in case of armed resistance - eliminated.

April 14 Oleh Tiahnybok: Invaders, saboteurs and separatists must be dealt with using the toughest measures

"The situation in eastern Ukraine is a special operation developed and implemented by Putin, whose commandos are stirring up a small number of Yanukovich's supporters and Moscow's fifth column. Ukrainian Parliament should consider the political implications of this situation. The Kremlin's war against Ukraine has entered a new phase. This is an anti-Governmental insurgency and an attempt by the Yanukovich's criminal regime to gain control over specific parts of Ukraine. During the last few days, I have had many meetings with communities in central Ukraine: people not only support, but also demand from the Government to commence an anti-terrorist operation and to take concrete and decisive action in order to suppress separatists enthused by the Kremlin" - said the Leader of Svoboda Oleh on the 14 April 2014.

April 13 Oleh Tiahnybok: Pilgrimage to Kholodnyy Yar was a stepping stone to the Revolution of Dignity at Maidan

On 13 April, the Leader of Svoboda and presidential candidate Oleh Tiahnybok delivered a speech at the ceremony honouring the heroes of Kholodnyy Yar, which was held in the village of Melnyky (Cherkasy region). Tiahnybok stated that the nation deserves the freedom and independence only when it is ready to fight for the former and the latter. History has confirmed this theory several times. At Kholodny Yar, for instance, during the Cossacks and Hajdamacky eras, and during the liberation struggle of 1918-1922. Today, again, we face the circumstances when we have to prove that we deserve our freedom. Ukrainian people demonstrated this at the Maidan, where the strength and dignity of the Ukrainian community overcame the armed regime. These attributes have developed from years of honouring the heroes of Kholodnyy Yar. Thus, pilgrimage to the Kholodnyy Yar was a stepping stone to the Revolution of Dignity.

April 12 Svoboda: Kyiv should regain control over the Ukrainian Donbas!

The latest events in Donbas once again clearly demonstrated that negotiating with terrorists and invaders is not only ineffective, but also quite counterproductive. The delay not only allowed the terrorists to keep under control the Donetsk's regional state administration and the Luhansk Regional Department of the SBU, but also inspired invaders to begin a takeover of government buildings in Slavyansk, Krasnyy Liman and other towns.

April 10 Oleh Tiahnybok: We will not allow the repeat of 2004 when criminal acts were not punished

During his visit to Vynnytsia region, the presidential candidate Oleh Tiahnybok stated that Svoboda has requested the Prosecutor General to investigate MPs' ( communists and the party of regions) involvement in attempts to overthrow the constitutional order and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Svoboda believes that an amnesty for separatists and those who has helped Yanukovich to commit his criminal deeds is not appropriate.

April 10 Oleh Mahnitskyy: We will make every effort to ensure Ukraine's strict compliance with the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

During a visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the Council of Europe in Strasburg, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleh Mahnitskyy met with the President of the European Court of Human Rights Dean Spielmann. ESPL Chairman stated that, at present, the largest number of appeals to the European Court of Human Rights come from Ukraine. Mr Spielmann expressed hope that the new Ukrainian Government will resolve the issues present in Ukraine's law enforcement system, especially the practice of torture displayed by the law enforcement officers. ESPL, in turn, is ready to support Ukraine by offering help in resolving this matter and other concerns.

April 9 Oleh Tiahnybok: Maximum penalties for economic crimes will help to eliminate corruption

On 9 April, the Leader of Svoboda and a presidential candidate Oleh Tiahnybok, together with Svoboda's MPs Ruslan Martsynkiv, Andriy Mischenko, Leontyi Martyniuk and Yuriy Michalchyshyn met with the community of Priluky (Chernigyv region).

April 8 Oleh Tiahnybok: This week, the main task of the Parliament is to pass measures that would help to resist the anti-state separatist mutiny in eastern regions of Ukraine

On 8 April, whilst delivering a speech at the Parliament, the Leader of Svoboda stated that when people take to the streets to express their demands, the government should listen to the community. However, when GRU officers of the Russian Federation and organized groups of saboteurs-separatists create a coven, and try to organize a clash between people in Ukraine - the response should be different. Svoboda believes that, this week, the main task of the Parliament is to pass measures that would help to resist the anti-state separatist mutiny in eastern regions of Ukraine. Everyone should finally understand that this is a new stage of Putin's aggression against Ukraine.

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