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June 12 Freedom and Honor! "Sich" - the year in the war for Ukraine

Dear members of "Sich" and combatants of "Legion of Svoboda"! Accept congratulations on the first anniversary of the establishment of the special purpose battalion "Sich" - one of the best educated, disciplined and ideological Ukrainian military unit that protects Ukraine on the front line.

June 5 Oleh Tiahnybok presented brief position of "Svoboda" on the main theses of the Annual Message of the President

We, the nationalists, are ready to support on all the steps aimed to build strong and powerful Ukrainian state on the basis of national and social justice. At the same time, we will actively counteract all the attempts to sell for nothing the main wealth of Ukrainian people - land, mineral resources and strategic enterprises.

June 3 Oleh Tiahnybok: The attack of the enemy must receive strong response!

The attack of the enemy must receive strong response from the Ukrainian side - said the head of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok on June 3, 2015 concerning massive terrorist attack of Russian troops under Maryаnka in Donetsk region.

May 22 Oleh Osuhovskyy: State enterprises are brought to bankruptcy in order to sell for nothing

Presumably, officials are trying to bring state companies into artificial bankruptcy in order to seize for absurdly low price. This was announced on May 21, 2015 on the air of "NewsOne" channel by the MP of Ukraine from "Svoboda", a member of the Committee on Corruption Prevention and Counteraction of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleg Osuhovskyy, while commenting corruptive contracts with the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine.

May 17 Oleh Tiahnybok: We are not satisfied only by adoption of the anti-communist laws - it is necessary to ensure its effectiveness in Ukraine

May 17, 2015, on the Memorial Day of the victims of political repressions honouring events took place in the National Historical and Memorial Preserve "Bykivnianskie Tombs". The following representatives of "Svoboda" took part in this memorial event: the leader of the nationalist Oleh Tiahnybok, deputy head of the party Yurii Syrotyuk, Andrii Mokhnyk and numerous activists of "Svoboda".

May 8 Oleh Tiahnybok on the Europe Goes East Annual Conference in Vilnius: Russia will not stop in Ukraine - the Kremlin desires the world domination

"Russia is aggressor, Russia - is invader. And it will not stop in Ukraine, because it is important to the Kremlin to dominate not only on the territory of the former USSR-countries - Moscow desires the world domination. Putin dreams and sees himself "the emperor". Only together we can stop him and defend our European house". This is what Head of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok stated on May 8, 2015 on the Europe Goes East Annual Conference in Vilnius.

April 22 Oleh Tiahnybok: Yatsenyuk Government has to report on the free energy supply to the occupied territories!

Last week Prime Minister Yatsenyuk admitted that his government has already spent more than 1 billion dollars for gas and electricity supply to the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas. And he himself stressed that no one pays the accounts for delivered energy sources.

April 21 Statement of "Svoboda": The moratorium on agricultural land sales should be continued

Whose interests is defending the government, when is calling in 2016 to suspend the moratorium and start selling agricultural land? Of course that is not in a favor of ukrainian peasants and farmers, small and medium entrepreneurs, cause due to sharp (2, 5 times ) hryvnia devaluation and subsequent price increases, lost savings and lack of available funds in order to take part in the privatization of land. It unprofitable for the state and owners of agricultural stocks, because, again, because of the devaluation of the currency value of the land has fallen significantly, and therefore revenues from sales will be lower than expected. In addition, the database of the State Land Cadastre has not yet been established, so the economic assessment of the majority of land has been established that there is room for speculation and corruption.

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