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November 8 Ukraine famine memorial unveiled in US capital

Washington (AFP) - A monument commemorating the millions of Ukrainians who died during a Soviet-era famine was unveiled in the US capital, in a ceremony that brought back horrific memories for survivors.

November 5 Oleh Osuhovskyy: Visa-free regime will not work until Ukraine does not comply with the laws

No matter how many laws are adopted but if the legislation does not work we will not have visa-free regime. This was announced 4 November 2015 on the air of "Newsone" channel by Oleh Osuhovskyy - MP of "Svoboda", a member of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption.

October 25 Andrii Mokhnyk: "Svoboda" increases its support throughout Ukraine

Today we can say that many members of the administrative board of "Svoboda" will be the deputies of local councils of different levels, among them there are those who are now behind bars or under house arrest. The community expressed its confidence to those people and showed that they are respected and honorable.

October 1 This regime tries to disrupt the elections of "Svoboda"

We see a systematic attempts of authorities to disrupt the elections and prevent "Svoboda" from electoral process. But this is the minimum task; the real aim of this regime - is to eliminate "Svoboda" from politics at all.

September 15 Oleh Tiahnybok: "Svoboda" will nominate candidates and will fight for our representation in each region, each regional centre and in all elections of Mayors

On 14 September, 2015 the XXXII Congress of "Svoboda" was held with the main issue - the nomination of candidates for elective posts in local government. The participants adopted a number of decisions required by the Ukrainian electoral legislation. The Congress of "Svoboda" decided that all registered organizations of political party, including district, city and regional centres will take part in the elections to local government on 25 October, 2015.

September 12 Oleh Tiahnybok: Murderers of Heavenly Hundred are out of prison - the author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" is behind bars

The author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" Syrotiuk is more dangerous for this regime than representatives of "Party of Regions"!

September 7 Oleh Tiahnybok: This regime lies with one purpose - to discharge itself from political responsibility

Authorities must stop the political pressure organized against "Svoboda". Statements of Avakov - are no more than political persecution and attempt to destroy the opponents. They've already appointed the guilty, not trying to find the real offender. Could it happen in civilized state?

September 5 DIE WELT: "War is the best experience in my life" (in German)

In der Ukraine helfen Tausende freiwillige Kämpfer der staatlichen Armee im Krieg gegen die Russen. Einer von ihnen ist Olexander. An der Front wurde er schwer verwundet - trotzdem will er zurück.

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