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October 8 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: Systematic fight against corruption will help to overcome internal and external enemies

On 7 October 2014, whilst delivering a speech at the Parliament, the Leader of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok urged to make the list of MPs who voted against anti-corruption bills public. That morning, only 232 MPs registered, risking to fail be quorum. Mr Tiahnybok stated that even though there is an election campaign, all MPs have to be at work.

October 3 2014 There should not be any elections at the occupied territories of Donbas! There should not be any supporters of separatists and aggressor in the Parliament!

"Svoboda" is strongly against the early Parliamentary elections at the territory of Donbas which is temporarily occupied by Russian aggressors and terrorists. This is because Ukrainian law is not functioning properly at the occupied territories where Ukrainian patriots are killed every day and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians left their homes because their lives were under the threat. All those circumstances create a ground for 100% falsifications of elections results which may help supporters of the aggressor and the Yanukovich regime to join our Parliament and to form pro-Putin coalition. As an example: Serhiy Kravchenko who supported illegal separatists' referendum is now the candidate in 105th district in Luhansk.

September 29 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: Lech Walesa award is the recognition of Ukrainian people who overcame the totalitarian regime

On the 29 September, Oleh Tiahnybok, together with other participants of Maidan, was awarded with Lech Walesa prize: "For restoration of political stability in Ukraine and willingness to bring social equality". The Prize was funded by Lech Walesa Foundation in Gdansk (Poland).

September 24 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: The Bill on lustration has to be signed and implemented

On 16 September 2014, the Parliament finally adopted the Lustration Bill. The second Ukraine's President signs the Bill it has to be implemented. However, even now the Government shall stick to norms of the Bill especially when it comes to appointment of Yanukovich's supporters to work for the Government, which is opposed by the public, especially in Kyrovohrad.

September 17 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: Parliamentarians voted for bills that can lead to our country's surrender in Russian-Ukrainian War

During a briefing at the Parliament on the 16 September, Oleh Tiahnybok stated the following: "On 16 September, the situation that occurred on 16 January this year was repeated in the Parliament. Only "Svoboda" did not give a single vote for a closed session. After a break, the Parliament still voted "in secret." Then immediately the Bill on "the special status of Donbas" was voted for. In effect, this bill de-facto legitimizes the DPR and LPR, giving the regions "a special status" and the right to form a police force and judicial system. Deputies from "Svoboda", in order to avoid speculation, pulled out their cards and lifted them up. However, the bill was passed, and we consider this an announcement of surrender in the Russian-Ukrainian war. ".

September 14 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: "Svoboda" appeals to the society with already drafted bills for every point of election programme

Oleh Tiahnybok has informed the public that the ХХІХ congress of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" adopted the decision about participation in the preliminary elections to the Ukrainian Parliament which will be held on the 26 October 2014. Delegates approved the election campaign, the list of parliamentary candidates and candidates in majority of the districts in the country.

September 6 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: Real peace can only occur when we will win the war

"Svoboda" demands from the Government to make the agreement signed in Minsk public. Real peace in Donbas is possible only when the Ukrainian territory is completely cleared from Russian terrorists and occupants. The "ceasefire" period must provide us with the opportunity to regroup forces in the war against invaders. Russia is clearly interested in the new ceasefire because:

September 2 2014 Oleh Pankevych: Unsure statements of OSCE chief as to the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine only play in Putin's favour

The OSCE Secretary General's statements that he finds it difficult to confirm presence of Russian troops in Ukraine are damaging and only play in favour of Putin's regime. This is how Oleh Pankevych, Deputy Head of Svoboda commented on OSCE Secretary General's comments as to the presence of Russian troops in the eastern Ukraine.

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