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Iryna Farion

Iryna was born in Lviv. She is Ukrainian. Parents taught Iryna to be an honest, life-loving and God-respecting person.

Her parents were passionate about their work (mother worked as a librarian and father as an engineer at a gas plant), creating conditions for their daughter's self-study and self-actualisation. A group of children from her neighbourhood would come and play games in Iryna's "school" situated at her grandfather's workshop. Many of the scenarios were later realized in practice.

She gained admission to the Lviv Franko University department of Ukrainian Philology on a second attempt, graduating with honours in 1987.

"First came the word… " - all other things are derivatives. "The word" contains a divine power and is involved in a basic creation of an individual, life and society. This profession may be perceived as a mystery. With it, I feel that I am the life's favourite, " she once said in an interview.

Iryna Farion began her career as a lab assistant at the General Linguistics Department in the Franko Lviv University. As an avid nationalist, she understood that the path to a doctoral degree, in the Communist-dominated society, would be extremely difficult. "The stronger the challenge, the higher the desire to overcome it, " Iryna once told in an interview.

She received her PhD in 1996. Now, she is an associate-professor at the Lviv Polytechnics Ukrainian language department.

She wrote 5 books and hundreds of research articles. In 1998-2004, she became the head of the Prosvita's language committee at the Lviv Polytechnic. In 1998, Iryna Farion initiated the annual "Language is Your Life's Basis" language/art competition for high school and university students. In 2004, she won the Oleksa Hirnyk award and in 2008 - the Borys Hrinchenko award.

In 2010, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) presented Iryna with a commendation for her research into the life of Father Markian Shashkevych, one of the creators of modern Ukrainian language.

Iryna Farion joined the Svoboda party in 2005 and was elected to the board of its political council. She is a deputy of the Lviv Regional Council and a deputy head of the council's commission on education and science.

Iryna Farion has a daughter.

"The source of my energy is the presence of God, the love of my family and the undying culture of Ukrainians, " Iryna Farion believes.