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August 26 2014 Svoboda's unit "Sich" has joint other battalions at the east of Ukraine Video

Svoboda's special purpose unit "Sich" has joint other battalions at the east of Ukraine. Nationalists from different parts of Ukraine voluntary joined the battalion after two months of training. Family members, friends and the Leader of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok came to support "Sich" fighters. Children presented soldiers with flowers, drawings, blue and yellow ribbons. Everyone wished the brave men to counter enemy and to return home alive. Father Oleksander Vronskyy, who is chaplain of the battalion, blessed nationalists to fight for the future of Ukraine.

May 31 2014 Svoboda during the Revolution of Dignity (UKR) Video

Svoboda during the Revolution of Dignity (UKR) The outcome of the Revolution of Dignity showed that Ukrainians are not afraid of the oppressing any regime, and can take responsibility for their country into their own hands. This video shows Svoboda's actions during the Revolution.

March 4 2014 Video in honour of "Heavenly Hundred" (ukr) Video

Eduard Leonov (Svoboda): "Ukrainians have been facing the threat of many losses, in all shapes and forms, for many decades (if not forever). In these conditions, Ukrainian people have been rescued by the valour of heroes, which puts them in the same category of heroes who sacrificed their lives at Krut, Bazar and UIA fighters. The "Heavenly Hundred" put an end to the existence of the criminal regime in Ukraine. "Heavenly Hundred" also united all people of Ukraine. Therefore, it is our duty is to commemorate, annually, these heroes".

December 9 2013 Protest of Millions (UKR) Video

More than a million people gathered in Kyiv on December 8th. Supported by opposition parties ( Svoboda, Batkivchshyna, Udar) and other activists, citizens were demanding Yanukovych's impeachment, new parliamentary and presidential elections, the resignation of Azarov's government, criminal proceedings against the Minister of Internal Affairs V. Zakharchenko and criminal punishment of those who are guilty of beating innocent civilians on November 30 and December 1. The community also demanded the release of all political prisoners. People were chanting: "Criminals-go away!", "Resignation!", "Revolution!", "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to Heroes!".

October 15 2013 Pokrov-2013 Video

More than 20000 people attended a rally organised by the Svoboda party to celebrate the Pokrov and the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

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