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August 26 2014 Svoboda's unit "Sich" has joint other battalions at the east of Ukraine

Svoboda's special purpose unit "Sich" has joint other battalions at the east of Ukraine. Nationalists from different parts of Ukraine voluntary joined the battalion after two months of training.

Family members, friends and the Leader of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok came to support "Sich" fighters. Children presented soldiers with flowers, drawings, blue and yellow ribbons. Everyone wished the brave men to counter enemy and to return home alive. Father Oleksander Vronskyy, who is chaplain of the battalion, blessed nationalists to fight for the future of Ukraine.

MPs from "Svoboda" Yuri Syrotiuk, Oleksyi Kaida, Oleh Osukhovskyy, Oleh Helevei, Oleksandr Myrnyy, Andriy Tiahnybok and Oleksyi Furman will accompany the soldiers.

Volodymyr Stiuara, the Leader of "Svoboda" fraction in Ternopyl Regional Council who joined the battalion stated: "When the war began, I felt a need to be there. Therefore, after being trained with my friends I shall go to Donbas. We must counter invaders, and we will do it. Ukrainians will be in charge of our own land!".

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