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December 26 - January 2 2014 Court hearing initiated by "titushkas" and Ms. Horina against activists of Svoboda

On January 15, the Svoboda party will picket the Pechersk's District Court where a hearing initiated by so called "titushkas"( men hired by the regime to organize provocations and attacks on peaceful demonstrators and activists) against nationalists Yaroslav Lysenko, Serhiy Boyko and Vitalyy Hruzynov will take place. Serhiy Boyko's accuser is the Party of Regions' MP I. Horina.

NB: On 18 May, an opposition protest titled "Arise, Ukraine" was held in Kyiv. The protesters were attacked by about fifty "sportsmen" ( titushkas) during the event. However, a criminal case was initiated under the Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Hooliganism") against the nationalists, so thanks to "titushkas" they can be thrown to jail.

Press Service of Svoboda