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April 18 2016 Oleg Osuhovskyy: Political crisis is not settled

The problem of political crisis is not settled yet, despite authorities want to show that the problem is closed. This was stated by MP from "Svoboda", a member of the anti-corruption parliamentary committee Oleg Osuhovskyy on April 15, 2016 on the streaming of channel "News One".

March 20 2016 Oleh Osukhovskyi: Next week an extraordinary session may take place - we can't drag out this government to go

Next week an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada may take place, on which the government's resignation will be considered. This was stated by the MP of "Svoboda" Oleh Osukhovskyi in the ether of "NewsOne" channel on March 18, 2016.

March 4 2016 Oleh Osukhovskyi: How can we demand sanctions from Europe if our government is lobbying russian business?

There is nothing surpising in the fact that European business representatives are dissatisfied with the sanctions against Russia because the government in Ukraine supports the business of the aggressor state. This was stated by the MP of "Svoboda", the member of the Anti-Corruption Committee Oleh Osukhovskyi on the air of "NewsOne" TV channel on March 3, 2016.

February 24 2016 Oleh Pankevych: Renewal of the transit of russian transport through the territory of Ukraine is a high treason of national interests

Renewal of the transit of russian transport through the territory of Ukraine is not just a corruption conspiracy but is a high treason by the government. This was said by the alternate of the Head of "Svoboda", authorized speaker of a nationalistic faction in Lviv regional council Oleh Pankevych, commenting on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the restoration of russian cargo transit through the territory of Ukraine.

February 18 2016 Only new parliamentary elections can stop the revenge of oligarchs

The failure of the voting for resignation of Yatsenyuk government demonstrates the full revenge of oligarchs in Ukraine. Obviously, the degraded parliamentary coalition will not lead the country out of a deep political crisis. This is evidenced by the failure, but in reality - by absolute unwillingness of Coalition fractions to ensure the 100 % - voting for resignation of the government.

December 9 2015 "Svoboda" demands from the management of Dutch art institution immediately refute false accusations about Oleh Tiahnybok

The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" is outraged by the Museum of West Friesland's (Netherlands) accusations on the so-called involvement of the leader of our political party Oleh Tiahnybok to extort ransom for the stolen paintings from a museum collection, which was allegedly found in the Donetsk region. We demand from the management of Dutch art institution and a representative of the research agency "Artiaz" Arthur Brand immediately refute false accusations.

November 5 2015 Oleh Osuhovskyy: Visa-free regime will not work until Ukraine does not comply with the laws

No matter how many laws are adopted but if the legislation does not work we will not have visa-free regime. This was announced 4 November 2015 on the air of "Newsone" channel by Oleh Osuhovskyy - MP of "Svoboda", a member of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption.

October 25 2015 Andrii Mokhnyk: "Svoboda" increases its support throughout Ukraine

Today we can say that many members of the administrative board of "Svoboda" will be the deputies of local councils of different levels, among them there are those who are now behind bars or under house arrest. The community expressed its confidence to those people and showed that they are respected and honorable.

October 1 2015 This regime tries to disrupt the elections of "Svoboda"

We see a systematic attempts of authorities to disrupt the elections and prevent "Svoboda" from electoral process. But this is the minimum task; the real aim of this regime - is to eliminate "Svoboda" from politics at all.

September 12 2015 Oleh Tiahnybok: Murderers of Heavenly Hundred are out of prison - the author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" is behind bars

The author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" Syrotiuk is more dangerous for this regime than representatives of "Party of Regions"!

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