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February 4 2014 Oleksandr Sych: The dictatorship-type fascism is the dominant way of governance of the current criminal regime

During his speech at the Parliament on the 4 February, Svoboda's MP Oleksandr Sych expressed a view that the dictatorship-type fascism illustrated by the criminal regime is very prominent, as is the fact that they trying to use and abuse the whole of Ukraine for their own benefit.

"The most famous researcher of nations and nationalism in Europe, the British analyst Anthony Smith explained the difference between Nationalism, Fascism and Nazism. Nationalism is the protection of one's own nation (the ideology followed by Svoboda); Fascism is the use of the one's nation in interests of the leading clique (as is happening in Ukraine at the moment and is demonstrated by the current regime); Nazism is the type of authority based on race" - said Oleksandr Sych.

"Svoboda" member also compared the current events in Ukraine with fiction-style works of Yuriy Scherbak and found some analogies. Mr Sych reminded about the very important philosophical epigram: people's interests are primary, and the political power is secondary.

"People elect others for governing their community and to execute the will of the people. If the government does not execute the will of the people, sooner or later the public will get rid of this government, this dictatorship. Our job, since we are elected representatives of the people, is to help the community to keep the peace, to preserve the social harmony and the independent Ukrainian state without there being any more bloodshed, even though there is a bunch of criminals that are currently in power and are trying to push the Ukrainian nation over the edge" - emphasised Oleksandr Sych.

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