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September 12 2015 Oleh Tiahnybok: Murderers of Heavenly Hundred are out of prison - the author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" is behind bars

The trail of Syrotiuk - uncompromising fighter for justice and for true Ukraine - was held in a courtroom filled with more than 63 policemen. Karaban', the judge of Pechers'k court, surrounded by Avakov servants, imposed a detention for two months for Syrotiuk as if he wanted to escape.

Members of "Party of Regions" are out of prison, murderers of Heavenly Hundred escaped the punishment, but nationalists are thrown behind bars!

Obviously that the author of the term "Revolution of Dignity" Syrotiuk is more dangerous for this regime than representatives of "Party of Regions"!

But authorities should keep in mind: they will have to pay for political repressions!

Freedom for political prisoners!

Yurko, My Friend, hold on!

Glory to Ukraine!

Press Service of Svoboda