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October 1 2015 This regime tries to disrupt the elections of "Svoboda"

On 30 September, 2015 the Head of the Central election headquarters of "Svoboda" Andrii Mokhnyk received a summons for interrogation as witness concerning the events of August 31 near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

"We see a systematic attempts of authorities to disrupt the elections and prevent "Svoboda" from electoral process. But this is the minimum task; the real aim of this regime - is to eliminate "Svoboda" from politics at all. The true opposition is the real problem for these authorities, thus they could not make "arrangements" with such opposition - instead they succeed in "settlement" with the pro-Russian opposition. The events of 31 August are the good example, when these authorities managed to enter into agreement with "Oppositional bloc" and vote for amendments to the Constitution subject to Putin conditions", - said Andrii Mokhnyk.

It is necessary to mention that on 30 September The Court of Appeal of Kyiv supported the application of prosecutor to change the preventive measure concerning the head of Kharkiv regional organization of "Svoboda", the candidate for mayor of Kharkiv - Ihor Shvayka. Despite the absurdity of prosecutor's application and the lack of evidence and grounds for changing the preventive measure, the court made a decision to keep Ihor Shvayka behind bars till the 4th November and fixed the bail in amount more than 1.2 million USD.

And all this is happening in the context of systematic interrogation of members of "Svoboda" and constant searches of the premises of members of "Svoboda" all over the country, conducted with gross violation of the current Ukrainian legislation and breach of human rights and freedoms.

Press Service of Svoboda