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October 25 2015 Andrii Mokhnyk: "Svoboda" increases its support throughout Ukraine

While the counting of votes begins it is impossible to determine the average result of our party. But even now we can say that "Svoboda" on this election get more than on local elections in 2010 and more than on parliamentary elections in 2014. The result is lower than in 2012, but we monitor the tends to increase the level of support throughout Ukraine. I would like to thank those supporters of "Svoboda", who found an opportunity to vote and gave its votes to our political force", - said the head of election headquarters of "Svoboda" Deputy Chairman Andrii Mokhnyk during the briefing on the preliminary voting results of local elections 25 October 2015.

"A year ago on the parliamentary election the exit-polls showed us higher results, but the government stole the votes to prevent us from Parliament. We were defamed, this regime prepared a massive information attack against us. Now authorities organize political persecution against nationalists - like in Yanukovych times. Today we can say that many members of the administrative board of "Svoboda" will be the deputies of local councils of different levels, among them there are those who are now behind bars or under house arrest. The community expressed its confidence to those people and showed that they are respected and honorable. I want to see the reaction of the courts to the choice of community. In Moscow we have a trial of MP Nadija Savchenko and in Pechersk District Court - of Yurii Syrotiuk - the head of the electoral list of "Svoboda" to the Kyiv City Council, Deputy Chairman of the "Svoboda" - said Andrii Mokhnyk.

Press Service of Svoboda