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December 9 2015 "Svoboda" demands from the management of Dutch art institution immediately refute false accusations about Oleh Tiahnybok

The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" is outraged by the Museum of West Friesland's (Netherlands) accusations on the so-called involvement of the leader of our political party Oleh Tiahnybok to extort ransom for the stolen paintings from a museum collection, which was allegedly found in the Donetsk region.

We demand from the management of Dutch art institution and a representative of the research agency "Artiaz" Arthur Brand immediately refute false accusations.

In case if the representatives of the Museum of Western Friesland and personally Mr. A.Brand chooses not to refute above mentioned accusations, we reserve the right to defend our honor, dignity and business reputation in the Court of law.

Additionally, regarding Brand's proposal to publish a "source of information", which, as he said, indicated the involvement in extortion of funds by our leader. We firmly believe that this "informed source" is a person, either from which "protrude ears" of Moscow or representatives of the fifth column in Ukraine. "Svoboda" considers that accusations made by A.Brand are focused to throw defamatory attack to discredit not only our leader and the entire nationalist movement, who selflessly struggling with Moscow invader in the Eastern Ukraine. Such slander is primarily intended to discredit volunteer movement and can be profitable only to the aggressor.

We are also outraged by the lack of adequate response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on false information that discredits the country in the eyes of the international community. Especially disgusting is the fact that the Kremlin's dirty intake against "Svoboda" and the entire nationalist movement took up and actively replicated the Ukrainian pro-government media, trying to divert public attention from the problems related to the corruption actions by Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the Government of Ukraine. We hope that the Security Service of Ukraine will give a proper appraisal to the actions of the national media killers who are at the request of their owners deliberately spreading false information that harms the international image of our country.

Press Service of Svoboda