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February 18 2016 Only new parliamentary elections can stop the revenge of oligarchs

The failure of the voting for resignation of Yatsenyuk government demonstrates the full revenge of oligarchs in Ukraine. Obviously, the degraded parliamentary coalition will not lead the country out of a deep political crisis. This is evidenced by the failure, but in reality - by absolute unwillingness of Coalition fractions to ensure the 100 % - voting for resignation of the government.

Maintenance of a position of Prime minister for Arseniy Yatsenyuk - is a demonstrative contempt of Ukrainians, 71% of whom are demanding the resignation of the government of marauder.

Rat turmoil in Parliament, demonstrated to the whole country, was organized with one purpose - to further plundering the country which they plan to hold under the guise of privatization of profitable and strategic state enterprises. Yet a few hours before the government report, the Parliament by 252 votes "for" adopts the draft law number 2319a-d by authorship of odious MP from the "Narodnyy Front" Andriy Ivanchuk. This law abolishes the provision on mandatory pre-sale on the stock of 5-10% of the shares prior to the competition - that is the provision preventing the underpricing of assets. In fact, the last safeguards against marauding seizure of the state enterprises are dropped.

This voting of the deputies indicates that the highest representative body of the country - the Verkhovna Rada - now absolutely does not represent the interests of Ukrainians, but is only a handheld instrument of oligarchic clans.

Obviously, there is the only way out - the rebooting of the Parliament and pre-term elections. The same step of "Svoboda" in July 2014 allowed to throw out of the Verkhovna Rada the communists and the agents of the Kremlin. Such a move of conscious part of the Ukrainian politicians now can stop the ultimate revenge of the oligarchs in Ukraine.

Press Service of Svoboda