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March 4 2016 Oleh Osukhovskyi: How can we demand sanctions from Europe if our government is lobbying russian business?

There is nothing surpising in the fact that European business representatives are dissatisfied with the sanctions against Russia because the government in Ukraine supports the business of the aggressor state. This was stated by the MP of "Svoboda", the member of the Anti-Corruption Committee Oleh Osukhovskyi on the air of "NewsOne" TV channel on March 3, 2016.

While commenting on the visit of Ukrainian parliamentarians to Brussels, Oleh Osukhovskyi noted that European business exerts pressure on own governments, primarily on Hollande and Merkel regarding the sanctions because of which it suffers losses.

"And why do we wonder of Europeans if russian business in Ukraine feels fine. In Russia we buy electricity, russian trucks drive around Ukrainian territory and our Infrastructure Minister and the Prime Minister are lobbying these movements. Of course, in such circumstances European business will be dissatisfied with the sanctions", - emphasized the MP.

According to him, economic sanctions against the aggressor state must be imposed by Ukraine first of all.

Press Service of Svoboda