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April 18 2016 Oleg Osuhovskyy: Political crisis is not settled

The problem of political crisis is not settled yet, despite authorities want to show that the problem is closed. This was stated by MP from "Svoboda", a member of the anti-corruption parliamentary committee Oleg Osuhovskyy on April 15, 2016 on the streaming of channel "News One".

"In fact, the political crisis has not been settled - there is no coalition, the government has no confidence neither in Parliament, nor the Ukrainian people", - said the MP.

According to him, there is little satisfactory reaction from abroad.

"Have you noticed that there is almost no positive reaction of the international community and world leaders? And if there is, it is very discreet, such as, for example, we hear that Hollande and Merkel welcomed the establishment of the government in a telephone conversation. Democratic states do not like this process, indicating the usurpation of power ", - said Oleg Osuhovskyy.

Press Service of Svoboda