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October 14 2013 Andriy Mokhnyk met with representatives of the "Forza Nuova" party

Svoboda's deputy chairman Andriy Мokhnyk and head of the party's international department Taras Osaulenko met with representatives of Forza Nuova (Italy). The latter was represented by John Mario, who is responsible for the political course of the party. The parties discussed the current state of the nationalist movement in Europe and reviewed levels of cooperation between Ukraine and Italy aimed at preservation of each country's national identity.

Andriy Mokhnyk stated: "Regular meetings of the two nationalist parties' representatives, systematic discussions of common problems and coordination of parties' activities is an example of good cooperation between Svoboda and Forza Nuova.

Svoboda's members then invited the guests to attend a scheduled march in honour of Pokrov and Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Press Service of Svoboda