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January 3 2014 An attempted murder of Svoboda's MP Andriy Illyenko and Sydir Kizin took place outside of a police station in Kyiv

Svoboda's MP Andriy Illenko and Sydir Kizin were attacked and brutally beaten outside of a police station in Kyiv. Both received extensive injuries. Illyenko was primarily diagnosed with a broken jaw and will be treated for a concussion. Yuriy Syrotyuk and Ruslan Koshulynskyy (both from Svoboda) arrived to the police station.

The attack occurred after the members of Svoboda came out of the Shevchenkivskyy's police station. Andriy Illyenko was questioned there earlier about the events that took place on January 1st. Sydir Kizin attended the station as a legal representative of Illyenko. The interrogation was conducted by the infamous Hovinskyy. He has repeatedly appeared as a state prosecutor in the proceedings instituted against nationalists and patriots that spoke out against the regime.

Note that the timeframe of the interrogation was only known to the investigator. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the police informed the bandits as to when the members of Svoboda will be leaving the premises.

Svoboda interprets this cynical attack as attempted murder of a statesman. The criminals and the police acted in concert. The law enforcement officers sent criminals to beat the patriots. Only luck and witnesses saved the lives of Andriy Illyenko and Sydir Kizin.

Commenting on the incident, the leader of Svoboda Oleh Tiahnybok said: "The regime has started the new year with another criminal incident and bloodshed, this time of a MP. This is a crime that is committed against a public figure. The regime first beat pensioners, women, journalists, and now moved on to government officials. This bunch of criminals will sooner or later be punished by the public and God. They will be held responsible for their crimes. The investigation must be instantaneous, fair and honest. Everyone is aware that there are a lot of cameras outside of the police station that is located in the centre of the city, so there is no excuse to delay the identification process.

We demand that the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigates this and other crimes against peaceful protesters for which Zakharchenko should resign and face criminal liability. Community! We must further unite: pick up your phones, call relatives, friends, join the protests and resist these bandits".

Press Service of Svoboda