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November 16 2015 Oleh Tiahnybok: The attacks in France. Lessons for Ukraine

The terrible terrorist attacks in Paris horrified the world. "Svoboda" expresses its sincere condolences to the French nation on many victims of terrorist attacks.

The first thing that drew my attention during the night view news - is immediate and professional reaction of the French government: to introduce a state of emergency throughout the country, close borders, use the regular army. And no negotiations and agreements with terrorists. President Hollande did not collect "summits", "contact group", he did not waited for "advices" of the partner countries, but took himself the responsibility and made the only right decision.

That's what Ukrainian authorities had to do from the very beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine. And that is what "Svoboda" persistently demanded.

Instead the leaders of our state began negotiations with the country-aggressor and his accomplices, concluded the treacherous Minsk agreements, amnestying the terrorists and giving the immunity for 5 years to the newly elected "government" of separatists together with "people's prosecutors, judges and policemen" that will be charged at the expense of Ukrainians. In addition, authorities want to legalize all these by amendments to the Constitution!

"Svoboda" persistently reminds of the steps of current government that should be immediately made to defeat the aggressor and to establish the Constitutional order throughout the state:

- to introduce martial law in the Donetsk and Luhansk region and in Crimea;

- to close the controlled border with Russia;

- to change the international negotiation from "Normandy format " (Putin's economic partners - against Ukraine) to "Budapest format" (Ukrainian friends and guarantor of our security - against Putin);

- to terminate any economic relations with the occupied territories till their complete deliverance from Russian invaders;

- to blockade the occupied territories by police and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not just the public blockade;

- to introduce new strengthened sanctions against certain persons and Russian companies;

- to invoke the Western friends to strengthen the sanctions against Russia till the deliverance of the occupied territories - Donbass and the Crimea - and reparation payments for war crimes.

This is true today, when terrorists again intensify their activity and fire at the Ukrainian army positions across the front-line.

Oleh Tiahnybok, the Head of the "Svoboda".

Press Service of Svoboda