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November 21 2015 "Svoboda": The second anniversary of the Maidan - it's the time to analyse the achievements and continue the fight

On the 21st of November 2015 comes to end the second year from the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity - national evolution which removed bandit regime of Yanukovych from the authority. This day marks a date of entering into the homestretch of the struggle that lasted for several years, impairing the anti-Ukrainian regime by various protest actions. We have to stop, to remember, to analyse the past events and make the conclusions on Ukraine achievements that have taken place since then, and the post-revolutionary government.

In fact, a single achievement of the Revolution of Dignity - is the removal of Yanukovych clan from the authority. However, despite the sacrifice of Ukrainians inspired by Maidan and even though some of them were killed in this struggle during the winter 2013-2014, the results of bandit regime haven't been removed. Many people say that Maidan led to further impoverishment of the Ukrainians and gave the power to the hands of oligarchs and their attendants. However, the current president and the government are not the results of Maidan but of the elections held in the country after the revolutionary events.

This regime hasn't justified the expectations of Ukrainians because the oligarchic still governs the state - the Maidan demand to liquidate the oligarchic regime hasn't been executed. Despite the war against the invader, our state is still under the influence of "russian world" in language, information and cultural spheres. The shameful actions of the authority showed its inability to defend the state interests: it hasn't been taken any action to return to Crimea; on the territory of occupied Donbas, despite the declared truce, we again and again lose our defenders; conclusion of treacherous Minsk treaties; the authority continues its efforts to implement the special status of Donbas as the amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine that is a complete capitulation to the Kremlin. This authority does everything in order: to give the amnesty to the terrorists who killed and continue to kill Ukrainians; to force the Ukrainian people to cover the expenses on renewal for Donbas destroyed by Putin and his militants. However, in order to put down the national resistance, Ukrainian prisons crammed with political prisoners, soldiers-patriots and volunteers.

Sadly, in the international arena Ukraine demonstrates a complete failure: we became not only the pawns on the geopolitical chessboard, but essentially the empty "cell", a bargaining chip in the struggle of "the most powerful of this world" because we no longer determine how to fight against the invader, but they dictate us how to act to make the war in the East of Ukraine the internal problem of Ukraine and to enable the whole world, including Europe, to call the occupation of Ukrainian territory as the "internal conflict".

The 21st of November - is the time for all Ukrainians to stop and to look at the post-revolutionary situation without rose-coloured glasses. Maidan has not fail - The Revolution of Dignity defeated the regime of Yanukovych. Though, this regime doesn't hurry up to execute the rest of Maidan demands, thus we have to unite and again and again demand the removal of the consequences of Yanukovych regime, to stop the revenge of oligarchs, to implement the true lustration and real fight against the invader! As long as these basic requirements are not fulfilled the Ukrainian people must be ready for permanent protest - actually the continuation of the Revolution of Dignity!

"Svoboda" urges the Ukrainians not to give up and continue to fight for justice, for social and national rights. Thus the most important achievements of the Maidan are: the restoration of the dignity of every Ukrainian; the demonstration to any government that in this country people are the source of power and that the masters on this God given land is every Ukrainian, not a bunch of rogues, swindlers and reincarnated accomplices of Yanukovych. Despite the difficulties, we must not lose courage - we have to fight for the successful future of the country.

During these days of November we also call on all the Ukrainians to pray and bow to the bright memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and the Heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Their sacrifice - is our guide in struggle for Ukrainian Independent State!

Glory to Ukraine!

Press Service of Svoboda