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December 5 2015 Oleh Tiahnybok: The deputies of "Svoboda" must be an example while fulfilling the obligations to the voters

The deputies -representatives of "Svoboda" should be public, open and have to work with people. The aim of deputies - representatives of "Svoboda" in local councils must be the fulfilment of their obligations to the voters and to be an example, thus they are not just deputies - they are nationalists. This is what said Oleh Tiahnybok 5 December 2015 during the briefing on the results of the General conference of deputies from "Svoboda" in local government. However, he said that the Conference approved the internal Regulations on functions of the deputies and formed groups on sectoral work. It was establish the liability for violation of the Regulation - up to the expulsion from the party and deprivation of the deputy mandate.

Together with the Head of "Svoboda" other members of "Svoboda" took part in the briefing, in particular the leaders of the elections in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Khmelnitsky - Sergii Nadal, Ruslan Martsinkiv and Olexandr Semchyshyn.

"People voted for "Svoboda", because we have shown our ability to govern. The nationalists - are not just the people who love Ukraine. Moreover we are the professionals who can manage Ukraine", - said the head of Ternopil Sergii Nadal.

The newly elected head of Khmelnitsky Olexandr Symchyshyn said that the members of "Svoboda" have already introduced the principle of openness and transparency in the work of the City Council. "The results of our work should have positive impression, because we try to show the improvements in local economy. We will be fully prepared to the 100-days report! " - said the member of "Svoboda".

In turn, Ruslan Martsinkiv noted that the position of the mayor will help "to implement more effectively the programs of "Svoboda" initiated in Ivano-Frankivsk during the previous term".

Also Volodymyr Nazarenko, the deputy of Kyiv council, soldier of "Svoboda Legion", officer of Armed Forces of Ukraine, took part in the briefing. He stressed that the deputies-nationalist have great responsibility to those who initially fought for the liberation of Ukraine: "Many of veterans that were elected, will continue to fight on two fronts: military and political. Because we need the victory of Ukrainian state filled with Ukrainian idea".

In summary, Oleh Tiahnybok said that in addition to the direct deputy duties, the members of "Svoboda" have another important task - to stop the counterrevolution of villains. He also said that the Conference approved two statements: on resignation of Yatsenyuk government and against the political persecution.

Press Service of Svoboda