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February 16 2016 Svoboda" is conducting a nationwide campaign, which is called "Prime Minister must resign!"

Svoboda" is conducting a nationwide campaign, which is called "Prime Minister must be on the mat!".

On February 16, 2016, activists of "Svoboda" picket regional state administrations demanding the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk in all regional centers of Ukraine.

In the capital, thousands of activists picket the parliament with the purpose of the government's resignation. Participants held the signs: "There is a war conducted with Ukrainians in the whole country: one enemy is in Moscow and the second one is in the Cabinet of Ministers!", "While the country is at war - the government robs our people!", "Yatsenyuk, don't conceal your looting with the help of the war", "The government of Yatsenyuk-Avakov, go away!".

In Lutsk protesters held placards calling to dismiss the officials.

"We've been waiting for effective reforms, for lustration of our officials and decent life for two years. But we've got only the depreciation of the national currency, reductions of salaries, exorbitant utility rates, the huge national debt instead. All of you have seen the ten-minute speeches of Yatsenyuk on the TV. We are told: "Endure!". Meanwhile they are stealing", - noted the deputy of Lutsk City Council Mykola Fedik.

In Ivano-Frankivsk the mayor of the city Ruslan Martsinkiv has joined participants of the meeting.

"Just yesterday we honored the memory of fallen Afghans. It struck me that our "Supreme Betrayal" under the submission of Yatsenyuk government has almost abolished all privileges of Afghans. And the same happens in every field, this government, instead of serving the people serves the oligarchs!" - said the member of "Svoboda".

In Ternopil activists expressed resentment by demanding immediate government's resignation: "The government of looters, go away! ", "The country is at war, and the government robs!", "The Government of oligarchs = ally of Putin," "Let's free the country from the Prime Marauder!", "Officials deserve only prison grating but not minister palaces", " Yatsenyuk rules - Putin applauds!".

Protests take place in Zhytomyr, Lviv, Odesa, Sumy, Cherhigiv, Kharkiv and othe major cities.

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