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April 5 2016 "Offshore Scandal: time to restart the power", - Oleh Tiahnybok

Ukrainian government officials including the President keep their money in offshore. This is the mainstream of the last day news. The audience stocks up with popcorn and looks forward to continuation of the story, naively hoping for a resonant resignation and further detection. But it is in vain. This will not happen. Because unfortunately in Ukraine it is not a criminal offence to withdraw capital from the country. Well, to avoid paying taxes in a country in wartime - is wrong, so is immoral. But is not punished by the law! Although the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for liability for false declaration (art. 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). In reality, the punishment is the next: short-image loss, a slight drop in rating, which will be rapidly restored during the elections by the predominance of advertising paid from those offshore funds. Unfortunately these are all negative consequences.

According to open sources, during 10 years (2004-2013) more than 116 billion dollars have been withdrawn from Ukraine abroad ( So, once again - 116 billion dollars! How much aid do we ask from US and the IMF - 4 billion? In exchange for actually external managing of the country, permanent increase in tariffs, the sale of land and strategic enterprises?..

Ukrainian parliament was and still is the guarantor of unpunished plunder of the country. Because the majority of the parliament have always been formed not from the servants of the people but the menial of oligarchs. And they block any draft law on criminal responsibility for the withdrawal of capital to offshore and mechanisms for their return to Ukraine.

It is necessary to remind: January 11, 2013 (more than three years ago!) together with MPs from "Svoboda" O.Kayda and M.Holovko we registered a draft law №1248 "On the return of capital, registered in the Republic of Cyprus and other offshore jurisdictions exempt from double taxation, or those with preferential tax treatment ". You can find the full version of this draft law here:

Its essence is simple: during three months the owners of offshore companies are required to re-register their business in Ukraine. Previously withdrawn funds returns according to the next principle: 50% should be paid to the state budget and the other 50% - as investments to Ukrainian enterprises.

Obviously in time of undisguised oligarchic dictatorship of Yanukovych the "regional" parliamentary majority has done everything to fail the adoption of this draft law. However after the Revolution of Dignity our partners from coalition strongly refused to put it to vote. They argued it is "not the time" or " in favour of the Kremlin". Actually, the refusal of the "partners" to vote for this and other bylaws made "Svoboda" in July 2014 to be the first who leaved the coalition, thus the process of early parliamentary elections was started. The country received a new Parliament, the coalition of "new faces" and "young reformers". The Group of MPs of "Svoboda" on 28 November 2014 re-registered this draft law №1112, but things are still there. Because the menial of oligarchs once again won a few public servants.

I am convinced the Parliament must convene an extraordinary session, but not in order to make cosmetic changes but to vote four draft laws:

1) On the return of capital from offshore and the termination of the agreement with the Republic of Cyprus on avoidance of double taxation;

2) On the impeachment of the President;

3) On criminal liability for dual citizenship;

4) On temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

If you are not able to do this - then at least adopt new law on elections. Refuse from the mixed proportional-majoritarian electoral system of Yanukovych times and implement a proportional system with open lists. And then go away! Allow Ukrainians in Constitutionally provided manner to correct an error and choose those who will execute their will. Otherwise you will be swept out of the parliament building.

Press Service of Svoboda