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July 11 2016 The first soldier-volunteer monument was unveiled in the capital

July 10, 2016 in Troyeschina district the first soldier-volunteer monument was unveiled in Kiev. The sculpture is located in front of the building 2b on the Mayakovsky avenue. The monument was created and installed by the initiative and promotion of the deputy of Kyiv City Council from "Svoboda" Petro Kuzyk.

On the occasion of unveiling of the monument a solemn meeting and a concert of the bands "Tin Soncia" ("Sun Shadow") and "Gaydamaky" was held in the capital. The veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war, families of fallen heroes, volunteers, local residents, members of Kyiv City Council and representatives of the city administration, deputies of Ukraine Andriy Illienko and Yuriy Levchenko and the leader of "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok took part in this event.

In his speech on the occasion of unveiling of the monument, the head of the nationalists said: "We are all honoured to join to this great event where we honour those who had defended and defends us. The fact of unveiling of this monument is not our common achievement but our duty. Duty to heroes that not sparing their lives went to the front to defend our independence and to fight for territorial integrity. This is our duty to their mothers, fathers, sisters, and their babies. It is a duty to the whole Ukraine. Thus we all live in a terrible time when Moscow's aggression is trying to destroy our state.

Two and a half years ago, after the Revolution of dignity, when we were waiting for rapid changes, the war began. Unfortunately, this war is profitable for some government representatives who are interesting in its continuation and for some traders and "huckster" not willing to honour our volunteers. Unfortunately there are so many killed that we cannot name all their names. But we should remember them, remember thousands of Ukrainian citizens killed in the Muscovite-Ukrainian war as well as do not forget those who protect our peace. We need peace, but we understand that it is possible only after the victory, but not through the negotiations aimed to protect mercantile interests of ruling elite".

In turn, the member of Kyiv City Council from "Svoboda" Petro Kuzyk said: "This project was very emotional for us. The first soldier-volunteer monument in the capital is a compiled image from hundreds of soldiers' photos. To unveil this monument - is that the minimum we can do for those who gave their lives on the front and for their loved ones".

Press Service of Svoboda