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July 22 2016 Statement of the Congress of "Svoboda" (21/07/2016) Polish Sejm resolution on the case of the Volyn tragedy

Ukrainian party "Svoboda" condemns the decision of the Polish Sejm's resolution setting July 11as a national day of remembrance of the victims of genocide committed by Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-UPA) to the citizens of the Second Polish Republic.

"Svoboda" considers this hostile step towards Ukraine as a sneaky stab in the back of our nation that is for the third year remains in the war with Russia and opposes armed aggressor. By such decisions Polish politicians not only destroy the trustful relations between our countries - they deprive us of the any opportunity to withstand together the Moscow imperialism aimed at annexing our countries and submitting our nations. Polish politicians deliberately incite the Polish-Ukrainian confrontation, where can only be one winner - and that is Russia. They have forgotten the words of Pilsudski that there is no free Poland without a free Ukraine. Therefore, imaginary victory over the Ukrainian past will turn into a serious defeat of Poland in the future.

We believe that such assessment of the Polish-Ukrainian conflict of the mid-twentieth century and the Ukrainian national liberation struggle in the twentieth century is a manipulation and abuse over the Ukrainian national memory. Accusations thrown at Ukrainians are absurd and void in terms of international law.

The Polish-Ukrainian conflict in 1943 in Volyn was resolved by Polish side that refused to recognize Ukrainians as masters in their own land. At that time Polish government planned to revive after the war its colonial empire and sought to prevent the self-determination of the Ukrainian nation in the Western lands. Volyn avoided the tragic fate of Holm, Nadsyannya and Pidlyasshya where Ukrainians were killed and expelled from their ethnic lands. Thanks to the active actions of the UPA, hundreds of Volyn villages were saved from burning by Polish military units, and thus Volyn population avoided the tragic fate of Ukrainians as a result of the "Operation Visla".

For each of us the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - is the only organized armed force which is in the absence of the Ukrainian state defended Ukrainians against the violence and terror of German, Polish and of the Soviet occupation regimes. Currently, a significant part of Ukrainian soldiers that protect not only East Ukrainian lands against Russian aggression, but civilization boundaries of Europe, consider themselves as followers of the UPA.

Attempts to interpret the Polish-Ukrainian conflict of the mid-twentieth century as a genocide of the Poles - is a part of the Kremlin-planned campaign to discredit Ukraine in the international arena, which involved short-sighted Polish politicians or agents of influence of Moscow. It was Kremlin that fueled the Polish-Ukrainian conflict during World War II. It was the Kremlin at the time of Yanukovych that is again through its agents of influence in the Party of Regions and the Communist Party played so-called Volyn massacre card differently. And now Kremlin is fueling the imperialist and revanchist sentiments in Poland, whipping up anti-Ukrainian hysteria.

This anti-Ukrainian resolution would have been impossible if the Ukrainian authorities had not kneeled in front of the monuments with false slogans. And would rather firmly, actively and consistently stood for Ukrainians - victims of centuries' chauvinistic aggressive policy of the colonial state Rzeczpospolita.

Ukrainian society will not remain silent and will adequately react to the provocative actions of Polish politicians who infringe the Ukrainian dignity, humiliating our Heroes.

Press Service of Svoboda