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March 19 2014 Svoboda urges Bundestag to trust only objective information regarding the situation in Ukraine

Svoboda announces about the deliberate misrepresentation of the situation in Ukraine by the leader of the left-wing party in the German parliament Gregor Gysi, and urges Bundestag to trust only objective, unbiased information.

Full text of the letter is available below:

To: Professor Norbert Lammert.

The President of the Bundestag.

Copies: Chairmen of the Parliamentary groups.

CDU/CSU, SPD, Die Linke,.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.

The Honorable Mr. President of the Bundestag,.

The Honorable Chairmen of the Parliamentary groups,.

The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" would like to address, respectfully, the German Bundestag regarding certain issues involving Ukraine.

We have carefully listened to and analyzed the debates which took place in the Bundestag on March 13, 2014 concerning Ukraine. Subsequently, we would like to address certain issues raised by Gregor Gysi. In our opinion, some of the statements made by the left-wing party's representative are not objective. Thus, we would like to provide you with factual information and explain our view concerning the following matters.

Regarding the possible split within Ukrainian society and the country.

True, there are some differences between the Eastern and Western Ukraine. Given your own history, you will certainly understand: 20 years have passed since the unification of Germany, but there still noted differences, in all spheres, between the eastern and western regions. Yet, these differences are not a reason for a discussion about the country's separation! Similarly, Ukraine is a united nation, long divided by the borders of empires, with regional differences. However, those differences are not significant enough to raise the issue of the country's division! In fact, the real source of separatism has been both the overt and covert exploitation of these differences by the Russian Federation. This situation arose because of the previous government's indolence. We fought against their apathy as they looted the country instead of working for the state's security.

In Donetsk and Kharkiv, on March 13:14, clashes erupted during which Ukrainian citizens were killed and wounded. In both cases, the violent attacks against Ukrainian citizens were organized "in the name of Russia" with the direct or indirect participation of citizens from the Russian Federation. Foreigners-extremists provoked people, urged them to use force in order to seize the government's institutions. The situation is alarming, very threatening and compels us to advocate closure of borders with Russia.

However, recent rallies in support of our country's integrity have been organized in many cities in Eastern and Sothern Ukraine, including Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk and Simferopol. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that several thousand strong rallies against Russian intervention in Ukraine are being held in such cities of the Russian Federation as Moscow, St. Petersburg and others. In Moscow alone, on March 15, 2014 approximately 50, 000 people marched in solidarity with Ukraine and against Putin's aggression.

Concerning the number of votes during the impeachment of the President Viktor Yanukovych.

Two-thirds of our parliamentarians are required for a constitutional majority, that is, 300 votes out of 450. Mr. Gysi's suggestion that 75% of votes are needed is simply wrong and is not in accordance with our legal system. The decision to impeach Viktor Yanukovych, having considered the fact that he discharged himself from the Office, was supported by 238 votes. The subsequent appointment of the new Government was supported by 331 members of parliament. Accordingly, I would draw your attention to the absolute legitimacy of the Parliament's decidion and the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government in general.

Regarding armed activists near the Parliament when adopting important issues.

Unarmed peaceful protestors of the Maidan who picketed the Parliament of Ukraine and the massive occupation by armed military units of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian territory like the Crimean peninsula are clearly not one and the same. In the first case, the Maidan consisted of Ukrainian citizens who protected their rights from a criminal regime, whilst in the second case, is a foreign invader who came to seize the territory of a sovereign state employing Hitler's pretext about the "infringement of the rights of fellow compatriots!".

Concerning "fascists" in the new Ukrainian government.

It is troubling to witness the indiscriminate use of the term "fascist" in your esteemed institution. The Ukrainian nationalist party "Svoboda" does not profess chauvinism, racism, anti-Semitism, or imperialism. If you want to argue this, it is incumbent upon you to provide facts rather than spread propaganda from Kremlin's ideologues. Our party has been in existence for over 20 years, but only became part of the government in February 2014. During the party's long journey to political power, these alleged manifestations would have surfaced a long time ago, and would had been used by the party's opponents who would seek to ban Svoboda's activities. Yet, none of this has happened.

Regarding statements made by Oleh Tiahnybok, leader of the Svoboda Party.

The sentence, used by Mr. Gysi, has been deliberately distorted when compared with what was actually said ten years ago. Since that time, there have been several trials and none of them concluded that Mr. Tyahynbok committed an offense aimed at inciting ethnic hatred. In 2004, speaking at the grave of warriors for Ukraine's independence, Oleh Tiahnybok said that the Ukrainian insurgents fought for the independence of Ukraine from 1942-1960. He recalled those people who were part of the occupation armies and secret police, and whose actions resulted in the loss of countless Ukrainian lives. Instead, Mr. Gysi distorted what was said and in so doing belittled the loss of Ukrainians' lives.

Svoboda is dedicated to saving Ukrainian sovereignty and independence, abides by national and international law, aims to protect the human rights and preserve peace. In this difficult for our state period we are, as always, open to cooperation with international community.


Deputy Chairman.

All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda".

Oleh Pankevych.

Press Service of Svoboda