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August 29 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: The way to counter Moscow

As we have previously warned, Putin used multilateral international negotiations on restoring peace in Donbas as a "smoke screen" for the deployment of his military aggression against Ukraine.

Over the past few days, a large-scale invasion of Russian regular units began in the south of Donetsk's region. In some areas, invaders moved 40 km deeper into our territory.

The invasion was officially confirmed by the United States, representatives of the EU and several European countries.

Achievements of Ukrainian armed forces in their fight against Russian aggression are under a threat. The very existence of independent Ukraine is under the threat, actually.

Putin's strategy is clear: to strengthen military offense in Ukraine until we capitulate to his demands, which essentially means giving Kremlin control over our country.

The main challenge that our Government is facing is not to allow Putin to impose peace by paying the price of Ukraine's surrender. Surrendering to the aggressor will never bring peace and security to residents of Donbass and other parts of Ukraine.

The only way to achieve true peace is to win the war. We shall not surrender, we shall counter the enemy and we shall seek real support from Western countries.

A few months ago, "Svoboda" offered a plan to counter the Russian aggression, and sent it to the Parliament and the President of Ukraine. We need to realise this plan (which is based on current Ukrainian law and number of law drafts of "Svoboda" parliamentary fraction). The plan consists of the following provisions:

1. To announce, officially, that Ukraine became a subject of the Russian military aggression.

2. To stop all diplomatic relations with the aggressor and to introduce the visa regime between the two countries.

3. President shall submit for approval by the Parliament a Decree on the introduction of martial law in areas where military operations are conducted.

4. To request that the UN, international organizations and world countries impose sanctions against the aggressor and exclude Russia from international organizations.

5. To request that the EU and USA impose deeper level sanctions against Russia.

6. To request that countries-guarantors of the Ukrainian independence (according to the Budapest memorandum of 1994) - the USA, Great Britain and NATO - provide us with direct military aid.

7. To create military defence alliance with the United States.

8. To implement national sanctions against the aggressor, arrest Russian assets on Ukrainian territory.

9. To clear authorities and the military command of separatists' supporters and the aggressor; to arrest assets of those who are supporting separatists and enemies in our territory.

10. To provide finance for military using high-profits tax for oligarchs.

11. To continue mobilisation and military training for Ukrainians, which will provide the reserve forces to counter the aggressor.

12. To increase social guarantees for participants of the war with the aggressor.

Ukrainian authorities must act decisively and immediately. The loss of time may be equal to the loss of independence!

This way we will counter Moscow!

Press Service of Svoboda